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Family Day 2023

🏡 Creating Wonderful Moments Together 🏡 In this busy world, we often overlook the opportunity to enjoy quality time together due to work, studies, and other hectic commitments. Therefore, we’ve arranged a day filled with warmth and laughter—a Family Day—to relax, savor rare moments of togetherness, and emphasize the camaraderie among colleagues and interactions among …

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Beach Cleanup 2022

Fa-Zi River in Taichung City is one of the few streams full of biological ecology in the city. The stream bed also contains rich and diverse ecology, but it is also troubled by garbage pollution. LIONGTEX inherits the corporate mission from Nam Liong Group’s core value “respect for life, care for the environment”, adheres to …

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Family Day 2022

On Sep 24, 10 families of Liongtex staff joined the Family BBQ Day. All staff and families enjoyed the great time a lot!

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