Silver Fiber Fabric


Ionic+® Metalized Fiber silver fiber series (formerly X-STATIC®), the principle of antibacterial and odor suppression, is to plate 99.9% pure natural silver on the surface of the fiber to achieve permanent antibacterial and anti-mildew functional fabrics.
Many studies and experiments have confirmed that it can quickly and effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and molds that produce annoying odors within one hour, and meet the antibacterial test requirements of JISL1902.

The ionic+® Extruded fiber (predecessor XT2™) implants positively charged silver ions into the composite polyester fiber during the fiber drawing process. It does not use surface treatment or post-processing chemicals, and does not have nanotechnology, so there is no need to worry about the fabric. Safety and impact on the ring. It has long-lasting antibacterial and odor suppression functions, and does not consume its functionality due to repeated washing or abrasion. The antibacterial effect can reach 99% within 12 hours.

Ionic+® complies with the following international standards: US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), US National Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), CE EU certification, International Environmental Textile Association certification (OEKO-TEX), registration/evaluation/licensing of chemicals And Restriction Act European Union Standard (REACH), European Union Biocide Product Regulation (BPR), Blue Sign Standard (bluesign®).

Ionic+® Metalized Yarn (formerly X-STATIC®)

It has been widely used in medical supplies, national defense and high-tech products, and has been registered by the EPA, and it is currently the main ingredient in the US FDA-approved products. That is to fundamentally create a self-cleaning textile.

Product application:medical care, masks, helmet linings (bicycle hats, motorcycle hats, snow hats), safety protection.

ionic+® Extruded fiber (predecessor XT2™)

According to the requirements of antibacterial test standards such as JIS 1902 and GB20944, it mainly has certain effects on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pneumoniae bacillus, and Candida albicans. Under strict actual conditions, we tested the clothing made of ionic+® Extruded fiber® silver fiber, and found almost no reduction in antibacterial function during the service life of the clothing, so that you can wear it without annoying smell. Keep fresh for a long time, more healthy and comfortable.


Clothing categories: sportswear, hike wear, golf wear, popular casual wear, home wear, underwear, waterproof and moisture-permeable jacket lining… etc.Accessories:protective gear,  hats/helmet (bicycle helmet, snow helmet, motorcycle helmet, military helmets), socks, multifunctional gloves (boxing gloves), bedding.


Metalized In the metalized form of Ionic+, 99.9% pure silver is permanently bonded to the surface of fiber, filament, fabric, or foam.


In the extruded form of Ionic+, positively charged silver ions are permanently embedded into the fiber or filament.


In the topical form of Ionic+, positively charged ions are added to the fabric at the finishing stage.

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