Clear Away Mikania micrantha Kunth 2023

Mission to protect Taiwan Ecology

The autumn air is crisp, and on behalf of LIONGTEX INNOVATION ENTERPRISES CO., LTD., we enthusiastically participated the ” Mikania micrantha Kunth Clearance Activity” organized by the TIONG LIONG JIU TIAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION at Dongshi Forest Farm. This activity is not only our participation, but also our commitments to ecological and environmental issues.

Mikania micrantha Kunth is one of the top 100 invasive species in the world. It is a fast-growing climbing plant that can grow 24 centimeters per day, and during winter time, the number of its seeds per square meter can reach as high as 170,000. If other plants are unfortunately covered by it, they will quickly wither up due to they cannot absorb enough sunlight.

LIONGTEX INNOVATION ENTERPRISES CO., LTD is well aware of the harmful of the Mikania micrantha Kunth. It has spread to the mountains and forests across Taiwan and became one of the most invasive alien plants on Taiwan’s land. If the environmental problem faced by beaches is marine debris, then the ecological issue faced by mountains and forests across Taiwan is invasive alien species. Therefore, we actively participated in this event, hoping to contribute to the native ecological environment and eliminate this destructive invasive species.

Under the guidance of the ecological interpretation teacher, we were divided into eight groups together with other enthusiastic volunteers. We successfully identified Mikania micrantha Kunth and began the work to clear up. Subsequently, all participants gathered at the White Dove Plaza to share this impressive experience. We all believed that this activity has very important significance and beneficial to protecting the ecological environment.

Our efforts have yielded significant results. We removed over 150kg of Mikania. The plant’s ability to reproduce is amazing, so the cleanup process and timing are crucial. Our team of volunteers spans all ages, from preschoolers to seniors. We rejuvenate Taiwan’s mountains and forests together to remedy a fresh look to the mountains and forests across Taiwan.

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